Cakes, Size and Packing

What is the Cakes, Cookies and Choices of Flavour? 

Birthday Cake 
Fondant decorated Cake : standard cake used for birthday cake base is Sponge Cake. Come in 4 choices of flavour :
- Double Chocolate : chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache filling
- Mocca  Praline : mocca sponge with mocca caramel butter cream  and almond crunch praline filling
- Vanilla with cheddar cheese : vanilla sponge with butter cream and cheddar cheese filling
custom fillings for vanilla are available : fruit jam, flavoured butter cream or chocolate ganache

- Banana Chocolate or Cheese : banana sponge made from real banana with choice of chocolate or cheddar cheese filling

Novelty Cake /Carving Cake : standard cake used is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and cover

Butter cookies, standard flavour is vanilla. But for big quantity order, you may try to ask for chocolate flavour.

Can I have other choices of Cake or flavour that is not listed above?

Sorry, for quality reason I only can help you with our current menu.

What do you use to decorate your Cake, Cupcakes and Cookies?

For cakes and cupcakes, I use full fondant/plastic icing, with edible and sertificated food colouring.
For cookies I use royal icing (sugar and eggwhite mixture) or fondant/plastic icing, with edible and sertificated food colouring.
Is it edible and safe to be eaten? 

Yes. But, sometimes I have to use support material for the hand made topper, specially the big one, so it's not edible.
And I do not suggest you and specially your little ones to consume the topper, since it's a large amount of sugar.

What's the size of the cake/cookie?

The standard cake comes in 3 size choises : 18 cm, 22 cm, 26 cm - all round (size of the tin)
Square standard cake is not available anymore, unless for novelty cakes.

The size of cupcake is 6,5-7 cm on top.

Standard fancy cookie's size is 7-8 cm. Size of cookies set in average 4-5 cm.

What is the packaging?

Standard packaging for cake is thick box, so it will hold the cake safely
Standard packaging for cupcake set of 4 pcs is mika box 15 cm. For 9 pcs is mika box 22 cm, and for 16 pcs set, i will use 30x30 thick box with cakeboard.
Standard packaging for single cupcake is mika tube, come in 8 cm diametre and adjusted height, depends on cupcake's design. The packaging will come with ribbon and tag card. Please check this for example
Standard packing for cookies is OPP plastic, with ribbon and card.

Custom Packing available upon request and extra charges (example : for fullmonth, wedding, cookies set)